Aging Better

aging better

Are you struggling with financial burdens of an aging parent?

Our Financial Advocates can help.

Trust • Compassion • Advocacy

Our Vision: We offer peace-of-mind and support to families with aging loved ones, without the worries…

AGING BETTER is an advisory firm in Dallas/Fort Worth formed to handle burdensome paperwork and administration for people caring for the financial well-being of aging loved ones. 

Our services include financial guidance, resources and benefit administration for aging loved ones.  We listen carefully and determine a plan for veterans or spouses of veterans, families requiring assistance with Medicaid or long-term care decisions.  Each family is different and the needs of aging parents or loved ones are different.  We provide compassionate administration and unbiased solutions.  

We are trustworthy, compassionate people that have been successful in our careers -- and now we are ready to shift gears and focus on improving the lives of others. 

My Advocate ensures that I am never a burden on my children or grandchildren.
I enjoy the peace-of-mind of having all my financial affairs in order.


You can trust us to safeguard your family’s cash and assets.


Aging loved ones need compassion related to life decisions on maintaining their independence.


You and your family can rest easy that our Advocates provide unbiased decisions.

We placed our cash and assets in a family trust so that our Advocate handles everything and we avoid probate.
My Advocate allows my mother to continue to live independently, without fear.