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Your AGING BETTER Advocates have a heart for family and are gifted in administration, financial matters and collaborative skills with other family advisors.  Many Advocates work or worked as business leaders, CPAs, finance professionals and are skilled at playing the quarterback position to ensure you and your family have financial wellbeing.  AGING BETTER also has trusted resources throughout DFW that can effectively serve your family's needs.


Sandy Martin

Advocate and Founder

In late 2017, Sandy decided to focus on work that is deeply meaningful to her.  She believes in the concept of compassionate capitalism and is building AGING BETTER to provide financial advocacy for families with aging loved ones. 

Sandy has held leadership positions in finance, accounting and investor relations for organizations ranging in size from startups to public companies. Sandy’s most recent role was Chief Accounting Officer at Match Group and prior to that, she was CFO at Tribune Publishing. She is a Texas certified public accountant (CPA) and a member of the Dallas chapters of Financial Executives International and the CFO Leadership Council. Sandy is a long-time resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and earned her BBA in Accounting from UT Arlington and an MBA in Finance from TCU. 

Sandy also has a passion for a local non-profit called, The Gatehouse in Grapevine, and within The Gatehouse, she is the Circle 58 Treasurer/Secretary.  The Gatehouse is not a shelter but a community that is committed to offering women and their children new paths for permanently reversing the cycle of abuse, poverty and homelessness.  The Gatehouse is a non-profit organization built entirely from interested and caring donors.

Sandy is married to her soul mate and hero, Jerry.  Jerry and Sandy have one grown Aggie son, Clay, that begins his law enforcement career and marries the love of his life in 2018. Big year for the Martin’s!!

AGING BETTER Advisory Board

Ron Watson

Real Estate Investor and Financial Advisor


Ron (Sandy's brother) is a real estate broker and certified mediator, big "8" background and has major RE development experience. When Ron was a CPA, he and another CPA partner grew a real estate workout and technology company to a nationwide presence with 200 employees and $12 million in annual sales, eventually packaging and selling the business. Now providing a wide variety of investment banking services and private equity-based lending for small to mid-size private companies and real estate properties and developments as Watson Advisors. One specialty of Watson Advisors is development and financing of "mailbox money" portfolio assets. With an extensive background in finance, accounting, investment, strategic planning, and even personal finance, tax and estate planning, "I've got a broad scope of experience and can "plug in" where needed to help you get your business or project to the next level", explains Ron.  He earned his BBA in Accounting from the University of North Texas and currently resides in both Texas and Colorado.

Neil Goldstein

Specialized Advisory Consultant, Distressed or In-transition Businesses


Neil is the founder of Elementary Business Inc. a specialized consulting firm for distressed businesses and entities in transition. He works closely with owners to structure improvements in both operations and finances. With many successes in his portfolio, Neil focuses on the needs of the owner to achieve results in profitability, sale of the company or finding a partner for growth.

Neil is a former partner of a leading financial services consulting firm working with troubled companies taking them from a distressed situation to profitability, successful liquidation or merger. He started his career in public accounting, and later moved into the private sector as Senior Auditor, Accountant, and on numerous occasions served the role of CFO and President of various companies, including a top 10 CPA firm, Thomas Cook Travel Worldwide, as well as various apparel companies with locations and production facilities in the USA, Canada, Latin America and Europe. In 1996 he founded Practical Solutions a business consulting firm specializing in turnaround management for companies under $50 million dollars.

Neil graduated from Pace University in 1973 with a BS in Accounting and Finance.