AGING BETTER is a Company built to do good by doing well.  As we grown, we invest back into helping others:

  • 10% of profits are donated locally, nationally and internationally through Honoring Our Elders.
  • Honor Our Elders is a donor-advised fund that contributes to charities that positively impact age-related research and assistance.  For example, Honoring Our Elders supports local charities, including the Parkinson Voice Project, the Alzheimer’s Association North Central Texas and Dementia Studies Foundation, Inc. in DFW.

The "Why" for Us

The “Why” for us is a personal story…  Our father suffered from Parkinson’s disease, including late-stage dementia. My brother and I spent countless hours ensuring that Mom and Dad lived their lives surrounded by love and security.  They lived independently for as long as possible and then maintained peace-of-mind and dignity as things changed.  It was a journey of grace and honor to our parents and, although it was not easy, it was extremely rewarding.